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Unistress Employees


Our workers are our most important asset. The largest manufacturer in Berkshire County, Unistress employs more than 500 workers through its Pittsfield, Mass. headquarters. Unistress, working with Laborers International Union of North America, Local 473, is frequently seeking entry-level crew members to power its plant operations, with ample opportunity for career advancement to supervisory, field, and management positions.


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Working at Unistress

Employee Spotlight

“I like the community of people working together on all the little steps that go into these huge structures.”

Nicole Schneider

Production Control Associate

When she found Unistress while looking for steady work to replace her usual pick-up gigs doing painting, roofing and decking working her early 20s, Nicole Schneider say, “It’s different now, but I was the only woman on the crew at the time.”…

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“I love working here. It’s the people. This is where I belong.”

Chris Atwood

Transportation Manager

Chris Atwood began his progression from an entry level position to management roles when Unistress CEO noticed his stellar work performance and recognized his aptitude. “I started as a driver for a vendor and moved to Unistress to become the house hauler…

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“If you’re willing to learn, they’re willing to teach you.”

David Hernandez

Project Scheduler

It’s been nearly two decades at Unistress for David Hernandez, who was recruited to the work crew in 2005 by a cousin. He began working in the plant with no manufacturing experience. “I was making pizzas before – this was all new…

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“Unistress is a place to make a career.”

Chris McKay

Associate Manager of Production

Chris McKay has been working with Unistress for 12 years, after getting his foot in the door as a laborer in the early 2000s. “You can be successful here. There’s a lot of room for growth.” In his time with Unistress, McKay…

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