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Unistress plant

Deep experience rooted in Value

As both a Developer, Contractor, and Manufacturer, we understand the entire construction process and focus on making the total project a success – not just our piece of it.  When we join a team, we not only provide expertise on precast solutions, we understand and embrace the project goals and priorities. We look for opportunities to contribute at every stage of the project.

Design-Assist Solutions

Unistress is the only precast firm in the Northeast that fully integrates design, production, and construction. We put our deep roots in the construction industry to work producing precast structures that serve as turnkey design-build / design-assist solutions.

Engaging our clients early in the process to understand their objectives, we provide recommendations based on our decades of experience resolving complex issues, improving clients’ design efficiency, cost management, production schedule, and constructability.

Designed to withstand all potential loads

Margot Connell Recreation Center at Boston College

Boston College Rec

Designers needed a material that could support vast, open recreation areas on multiple floors (including spanning a swimming pool) and withstand the constant drum of running feet, dribbling balls, and other high-intensity sports.

The structure includes two long-span precast concrete frame types that deliver a unique combination of pretensioning, hard-bar post-tensioning, and unbonded strand post-tensioning. It is supplemented by conventional mild-steel reinforcement to deliver a column-free space. In addition to gravity loads, the frames provide lateral force-resisting systems to satisfy seismic performance criteria.

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Groundbreaking design brought to life resetting precast standards

Hartford Hospital

Hartford Hospital

Precast’s versatility allowed for unique shapes to be created with multiple colors and finishes in different parts of the structure. The panels were cast with angled projections to create shadows, with projections varied up to 8″ off the face. A three-dimensional fold was added to further enhance the play of shadows on the facade and to create channels for rainwater.

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Limited risk and disruption for a complex multi-modal hub over tunnel

South Boston Waterfront Transportation Center

South Boston Garage

Unistress met with the design and construction teams almost daily over a six-week design development duration, employing numerous technical solutions to limit risk, minimize disruption to the neighborhood and ensure quality.

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State-of-the-Art Facility

Thanks to our 250,000 sq. ft manufacturing facility, we have complete control over the entire production process to ensure only the highest quality product leaves our plant.

72 acres

of manufacturing facility

250,000 sq.ft

of production space

7 projects

handled simultaneously

Pillars of Our Approach

End-to-End Project Management

Unistress has a reputation for a total value approach. Rigorous execution standards ensure that we deliver projects on time and on budget. Our project management system provides a time-tested roadmap for each job, while supporting effective collaboration among extended teams. A vertically-integrated network of reliable affiliates further streamlines the production and construction process. Long-term industry relationships help us align our approach with client needs to maximize the cost-effectiveness of the design-build-construction process.

Safety By Choice

Unistress chooses to maintain a safe, healthy, and injury-free workplace for all employees, a practice instilled in every worker, from the plant floor to our leadership team. We never compromise on safety under any circumstances, whether in our facilities or on our job sites. Our proactive Near Miss and Touchpoint Program address potential risks before accidents occur.

When it comes to safety, our workers are our biggest asset. We look for opportunities to improve our safe work practices in our daily routines and our crew workers have a loud voice in the process. We reward employees for positive actions. We track our incident rate so that we constantly measure, review, and reinforce our commitment to promoting an accident- and injury-free work environment.


Unistress is committed to constantly improving our environmental impact. We incorporate an extensive set of sustainable practices throughout every aspect of our operations.

  • We recycle waste concrete, wash water, steel reinforcement materials, vehicle oil, and aggregates.
  • We use crushed recycled glass for sandblasting and vegetable-based, zero-VOC release oils.
  • We have invested over $1,000,000 in rooftop solar the offsets traditional power usage in our main precast facility and steel fabrication plant.
  • We made an additional investment in solar on our adjoining property, which offsets traditional power usage in our gravel processing facility.
  • We have implemented energy conservation automation in our plant, and maintain some of the most advanced systems in the market to control air quality, groundwater, and runoff.

Integrated Delivery

Serving New York, New Jersey, and New England, we deliver products with our own trucks and specialized trailers to ensure commitments, managing schedules, and deliver on time.

You’ve got an audacious project. We’ve got your back.

We combine decades of experience, unparalleled expertise, state-of-the-art facilities, and a robust delivery network to turn your vision into reality — on time and on budget.