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“Unistress is a place to make a career.”

January 5, 2023

Chris McKay has been working with Unistress for 12 years, after getting his foot in the door as a laborer in the early 2000s. “You can be successful here. There’s a lot of room for growth.”

In his time with Unistress, McKay has held a number of positions, and appreciates the training and education that Unistress has supported throughout his career,, “This place will support your education and pay for training and certification – not just in the trades, but also leadership and management training.”

Community contributions are important to McKay, who volunteers with the employee-led Community Crew – but perhaps his greatest job satisfaction comes from developing the people who work for him. “I’ve seen a laborer move to a crew leader and then to the drafting department. There’s plenty of opportunities if you’re looking for them.” Supporting some of the largest infrastructure projects in the northeast can be addictive, “Once you get precast in your blood, it’s a hard one to get away from.”

“I started as a laborer in 2009, building on my background as a Marine and in residential house construction.” With his role and responsibilities increasing steadily over the years, McKay suddenly found himself “overseeing 5000 deck panels for the Tappan Zee Bridge replacement – and then the completion of the Sarah Mildred Bridge for the state of Maine.”

Though he never wants to sit at a computer all day, McKay reflects confidently from his desk, “Unistress is a place to make a career.”