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“I like the community of people working together on all the little steps that go into these huge structures.”

October 10, 2022

When she found Unistress while looking for steady work to replace her usual pick-up gigs doing painting, roofing and decking working her early 20s, Nicole Schneider say, “It’s different now, but I was the only woman on the crew at the time.” She continues with a sly grin, “And I was the only one on the floor in those days, who never turned over a wheelbarrow of concrete.”

A groundbreaker in every sense, the 4’10”, former gymnastics coach’s construction career took off quickly as she excelled across many aspects of the manufacturing. “I worked in the construction cage crew, the prep crew, and production. I built forms for where cages go.” Eventually she was tapped by a manager who sensed she’d be a natural to train on new tech systems Unistress was implementing. “They needed someone who had eyes on all the different materials, and I’d done a lot here.”

In this integral role, Schneider moves through the materials list like a fine tooth comb, part of a team that organizes the multitude of components it takes to complete a project. Working side-by-side with management, she’s grown to appreciate the collaborative decision-making process, and likens the procedural approach of precast work to her coaching career. “What I loved most about being a coach, was taking a student and being there all the way through training – watching them improve and evolve.” Similarly, she says, “I really appreciate the big picture here. I like the community of people working together on these huge structures – and I love stepping back to look at a parking garage and knowing all the work that’s gone into it.”

Spending nearly a decade with the company, Schneider, who often refers friends to available positions, is adamant, “If you’re passionate about a good day’s work, this is a great environment.”