Our PCI-Certified Plant

The 72-acre Unistress manufacturing facility includes over 120,000 square feet under cover, completely indoors. The size of several football fields, it produces cast concrete components in a highly controlled state-of-the-art environment, day after day. We can handle six or seven different jobs at a time, and multiple concrete colors simultaneously. Because we operate our own central mix concrete operation right on our site, we have complete control of the material as it goes into the form. Delivering the concrete to the casting beds by truck, rather than overhead cranes, increases productivity, efficiency, and quality.

Recent Projects

Salem Intermodal Commuter Rail Station

PCI Best All Precast Parking Structure 2015 The new Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority

Yankee Stadium 164th Street Garage, Bronx, NY

PCI Best Parking Structure (0-999 cars) 2011 66o parking spaces / 5 levels

Brayton Point Power Plant Cooling Towers, Somerset, MA

Dominion Energy’s Brayton Point Power Station is the largest fossil-fueled power facility in

Litewall Pedestrian Screening

The patented new Unistress Litewall window screen system (US Patent #8,418,428) is cleaner,