About Us

Unistress is part of a family of construction companies that dates back to 1936. We still operate with the work ethic and dedication that got us where we are. But now we take on massive jobs, like fabricating 2,363 precast bridge segments for Boston’s Central Artery/Harbor Tunnel Project.  We also do more and more mixed use developments, with retail, commercial, parking, and housing elements, as well as bridges, roadways, and special purpose structures. Many of the components we make have about 70 dimensional specs that can be right or wrong—and that’s just for one piece of product. They get checked, measured, double-checked, and Quality Control checked. We look carefully at the little things, so the big things come out right. Everybody, up and down the organization, is committed to making a quality product.

We don’t do a lot of cookie-cutter jobs. Construction managers who work with us know we can get even the most complex jobs done for them. They don’t ask us if we can do it—they ask when we can get it done. Our customers know that when that spandrel goes into place it fits into the column connection, everything’s going to be where it belongs, everything’s going to fit.

Our Mission
To be the premier manufacturer of precast concrete structures. We will maintain profitable growth and market leadership by providing our customers with tailored, innovative solutions, and superior value. Our success requires a performance driven workforce and a commitment to being the industry leader in efficiency and innovation.

Our Vision
To be the Northeast’s most innovative, efficient, and successful precaster.