Building on decades of expertise in all types of precast concrete construction, Unistress is a leader in the fabrication of segmental bridges using precast components for both superstructures and substructures. Unistress manufactures in a production facility complying with rigid PCI manufacturing controls. Segmental bridges offer relatively rapid construction, durability, low maintenance, competitive initial cost, and low life-cycle cost. When offsite fabrication of components is feasible, plant produced precast segmental construction offers significant benefits over both cast in place and onsite precast construction.

Plant-produced precast segmental construction is an attractive option in areas where it is difficult to transport large amounts of ready mixed or transit mixed concrete on heavily traveled highways. It is also appropriate in areas which lack the space required for on-site casting, in areas with heavy commuter traffic, or locations where on-site concrete pours could damage environmentally sensitive areas.


Route 24 Bridge, Randolph, MA

PCI Best Non-Highway Bridge 2011 The bridge over Route 24 replaced a 56-year old deteriorated

Veterans Memorial Bridge, Portland, ME

Veterans Memorial Bridge carries 22,000 vehicles per day. Construction of the new bridge began in

Boston Central Artery / Tunnel: “The Big Dig”

The Massachusetts Turnpike Authority’s Central Artery/Tunnel Reconfiguration Project was the largest and most complex highway

Route 36 Highlands Bridge Replacement, Monmouth County, NJ

The Route 36 Bridge serves as a major link between the New Jersey mainland and

Albany Airport Parking Garage, Albany, NY

1,490 parking spaces / 5 Levels The five-level parking structure at the Albany (NY) International