Unistress Innovations

Most people don’t think of precast concrete as a creative field, but we do. At Unistress we’re willing to take risks, to try new things, to get creative. We find innovative ways to solve problems in the service of our customers’ real estate development investments. For example, we take on complex fabrication work in our plant, to reduce overall project costs and accelerate on-site construction time. We’ve also been able to reduce transportation costs for clients in the New York metro area by shipping components on barges, down the Hudson River. When a customer has a unique requirement, we work hard to figure out a way to get it done.


Litewall Pedestrian Screening

The patented new Unistress Litewall window screen system (US Patent #8,418,428) is cleaner, neater, and

Stair-box Forms

Garage stair and elevator towers are typically constructed using individual walls, braced and welded together

Unistress Innovations: Cast-Offsite Components

Because of their size and weight, precast segmental bridges are usually cast on or near